Bonded Seal

The Bonded Seal was developed to replace copper type washers in high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic threaded connections. The standard product is supplemented by a range of self-centering Bonded Seals that eliminate the possibility of leakage due to offset during assembly. Custom designs can also be accommodated to suit application requirements.

The standard combination is formed by:

  • Carbon steel (mild steel) cold-rolled, BS 1449, with zinc protection (D.T.D. 903D, gold color passivation  D.E.F 130)
  • Nitrile rubber 90 IRHD

Other combinations are however available on request.

Method of Operation

The metal ring resists the pressure bursting forces and limits the deformation of the elastomeric element. This prevents over-compression and extrusion.

Technical Data

Operating Pressure: 250 MPa (36,250 psi)

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