From aerospace to automotive, healthcare to semiconductor fabrication, water systems to consumer electronics, Parker’s engineered seals and sealing systems are playing an important role in the safe and reliable operation of equipment all over the world -- right now. You’ll find Parker's sealing products in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hose fittings, high pressure pumps and filtration units, as well as engines, transmissions and cooling systems.

Finding effective sealing solutions for fluid power components can be complicated. New, high-energy hydraulic systems, higher operating temperatures, pneumatics, more complex hydraulic fluid chemistry, stringent fugitive emissions regulations, all mandate the use of high quality, reliable sealing and packing devices. Parker uses only the finest seal materials and field-proven sealing designs to assure you receive a quality product. Parker's goal is to supply customers and end users with reliable, long-term sealing performance.

Parker Group is always committed to innovation, developing new materials and products to meet evolving standards and technological demands.

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