SKY - Packings

Packings exclusively for both piston and rod.
Install in the one piece groove

1) Packings have a directional nature as in the above drawing. Be careful of the direction when installing.
2) There is a case in which it is impossible to install packings into one piece grooves due to the positions
of the grooves. In such a case, use divided grooves.
3) Diameter D H9/f8 is changed by the bearing application.

1) Orders and inquiries are accepted by part numbers.
2) Products of the listed part number printed on colored grounds are in stock.
3) Packings are packaged to be suitable for storage.
4) See "Caution notice" regarding the method of handling and stocking.

Service Range

  SKY-Packings SKY-Packings with
Back-up Rings
SKY-Packings with Back-up Rings plus
high pressure Back-up Rings
max. pressure 14MPa(140kgf/cm²) 21Mpa(210kgf/cm²) 28Mpa(280kgf/cm²)
temperature RN906 : -10 to 80°C (RF905 : -5 to 150°C)
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