Oil Seal / Shaft Seal


Metal casing with fluid
side rubber covered.

Rubber casing with an inner metal component. Design for excellent O.D. sealing ability.

General oil sealing applications and severe greasesealing application. Spring fitted seal lip. Most popular seal type.

SB-Type SB
SC-Type SC
With dust lip added. Capable are the same as S-Type. Dust lip can exclude light foreign materials. Spring fitted seal lip.

TB-Type TB TC-Type TC
Economical design for grease & dust sealing. Not suitable for viscous fluid. Springless design. Can be used with S-Type, or T-Type seal.

VB-Type VB VC-Type VC

Note: 1) Metal encased seals are most suitable for steel or cast iron housing materials, with low coefficient of thermal expansion and fine finishers.

2) Rubber covered O.D seals are most suitable for soft alloy or plastic housing materials and also suitable for steel or cast iron housing materials, with high coefficient of thermal expansion and rough bore finishes.

Material are available in Buna-N (NBR) and Viton® (Fluorocarbon).


Sometimes when replacing a crankshaft seal, technicians will find shaft wear so severe that oil leaks are almost certain to occur even after the new replacement seal is installed.

In the old days, the remedy was either to

  • replace the crankshaft or
  • re-machine its surface. Either choice was costly. Not so with today's better alternative
  • the S-leeve. These thin-walled stainless steel shaft repair sleeves can come to immediate rescue when the crankshaft needs a new sealing surface.

Low in cost, a S-leeve is slipped over the worn area quickly and easily, and provides a surface that is ader than that of a new shaft. The same size seal (as the one being replaced) fits snugly onto the new shaft. And each S-leeve comes as a kit with a disposable installation tool.












JM Clipper Oil Seal

Parker Clipper® Oil Seal(previously known as John Manville) Oil Seals are available in solid and split styles and both standard and high performance elastomer compounds.

Clipper Oil Seals is used in a wide range of equipment from Pumps and Gearboxes, to Construction and Mining Machinery through to Industrial Equipment. Particularly useful with high bore and shaft eccentricity and on large diameters these highly effective Seals are also used in virtually every industrial plant including;
  • primary metals
  • pulp and paper
  • chemical and petrochemical
  • power generation

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