The V-Ring Seal is an all-rubber seal that seats directly on the shaft and seals axially against a counterface, housing, seal case or similar surface.

Designed with a long flexible lip, the seal acts like an axial slinger. It can retain heavy lubricants and is highly effective in excluding contaminants. The V-Ring can be used as the primary seal or as a secondary back-up seal.

Because it is all rubber and very elastic, it can be stretched over flanges or other assemblies for positioning without any unit disassembly. The V-Ring performs well in dry applications and is capable of handling a greater amount of eccentricity and misalignment than most radial lip type seals. Axial movement should however not exceed the axial sealing range of the lip. Each V-Ring can be used for a range of different shaft sizes.

In certain applications, V-Rings can handle up to 10 psi on the body side only. V-Rings should not be used on shafts mounted below sump level.

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